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From choosing the best yoga mat or getting started with yoga as a beginner, Credo Yoga will guide you through your journey with thoughtful advice from real life experiences.


Discover the Possibilities of Enjoying a Life with Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world because of its multi-faceted approach to healing your mind, body, and soul.

find best yoga mat

Best Yoga Mats

Read our detailed research & reviews to help find your new favorite yoga mat for travel or everyday use!

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yoga accessories

Yoga Accessories

We have reviewed a variety of yoga accessories and props that you can use to make your yoga practice more fun and effective.

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learn beginners yoga

Ultimate Yoga Beginners Guide

Are you just getting started with yoga and want to learn about yoga poses and get advice? Check out our Yoga Beginners Guide.

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diy yoga mat spray cleaner

How to Clean a Yoga Mat

There are many ways to clean your yoga mat with all-natural products, essential oils and even DIY cleaners that you can make at home.
We walk you step-by-step on how to properly care for your yoga mat and tell you how it will improve your yoga practice.

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mens yoga

Mens Yoga

Yoga is an impactful practice that should be incorporated into everyone’s exercise routines.
In this guide, we break down five myths that men believe about yoga, as well as detail the benefits of adding it into your exercise routine.

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