About Credo Yoga

Our Mission

Our team of experienced yoga teachers and practitioners help new and experienced students learn how to incorporate yoga into their everyday life so they can enjoy the benefits of a more mindful and enjoyable day.

From choosing the best yoga mat or getting started with yoga as a beginner, Credo Yoga will guide you through your journey with thoughtful advice from real life experiences.

Meet Our Team

Jim Breese

Jim Breese

500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

For the past four years, Jim has been on the yoga journey. When you come to his classes you will notice an intense focus on deep breathing which helps students unearth their full mental, emotional and physical potential.

Jim is certified under the Pasadena Yoga of Mystics 500-hour teacher training program and incorporates other healing modalities including meditation and positive framing into his classes.

Originally from Michigan, Jim moved out to California in 2009 to explore a new world of opportunities immediately after graduating from Michigan State University.

After five years of success in corporate, he left his day job to fulfill his entrepreneurship goals. With his free time outside of yoga and work he enjoys roasting coffee, working in his porch garden, and spending time in nature.